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D-Fused Sounds

Esquisite DrumBrute

Esquisite DrumBrute

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The DrumBrute is a fully analog drum machine with a distinct character of its own and a multitude of parameters to shape drum sounds and program beats.

We have meticolously sampled and polished all of the 17 instruments with different pitches and decay (where possible) all through an analog signal path, then we gave a further twist to the samples offering you a pristine collection of 692MB of content with 24 bit wav loops, one shots, MIDI and sampler patches, perfect for a multitude of modern electronic genres like commercial, EDM, D&B, trap, hip-hop, breakbeat, jungle, house, tech-house, techno, neurofunk and any kind of music you make. Listen in the demos to have some ideas, that's what you get, no further processing for the sake it!

From boomy and subby kicks to crispy and metallic hats and snappy snares, not to mention punchy claps, distorted toms and lo-fi tambourines, you will find so much in this pack we think you will use it for long time to come.

In detail expect to find 692 MB of content with 451 individidual files; 200 are loops divided for tempo 111-125-139 in several styles according to the bpm and includes full drums with stems and addons; 41 addons MIDI loops (multiclaps, hi-hat triplets, snare rolls, etc) to instantly add movement to the already existing grooves; 197 wav shots incl. kicks, percs, snares, cymbal, reverse cymbals, claps, reverse claps, snares, reverse snares and more) and 8 patches incliding all shots served for Ableton, Battery and Kontakt.

If you want your drums to stand out from the crowd with unique and really fresh sounds then this pack is surely perfect for you!

Clicks and pops are freely included as drum parts :)

...because we build inspiration, you put the magic!



8 Ableton Drum Rack presets (claps, cymbals, snares, zaps & rims, kicks, claves, maracas, tambourine, congas, toms, hats)
8 Battery 4 Presets (claps, cymbals, snares, zaps & rims, kicks, claves, maracas tambourine, congas, toms, hats)
8 Kontakt Presets (claps, cymbals, snares, zaps & rims, kicks, claves, maracas, tambourine, congas, toms, hats)

41 MIDI addons (hat triplets, snare rolls, multiclaps etc)

Wav Shots (all included in the presets):

26 Claps
7 Reverse Claps
3 Clave
11 Conga
11 Cymbals
24 Hats
33 Kicks
4 Maracas
11 Reverse Cymbals
9 Rim
25 Snares
9 Reverse Snares
6 Tambourine
7 Toms
11 Zaps

Wav Loops:

200 Loops incl. full drums, drum parts and addons, divided for BPM 111-125-139

System Requirements:

Ableton 9.7, Kontakt 5.6.8, Battery 4

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