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Back Pocket Sound is a sound effects company founded by Benjamin Spiller – a Canadian sound designer, dialogue editor and re-recording mixer. With ten years of audio-post experience, Ben has worked out of three major studios in Toronto: RHC Music, Wanted Sound and Picture, and Eggplant Music and Sound.

Through these working opportunities I’ve made bonds with many people in Toronto and beyond. These connections continue to foster new and exciting opportunities, and take me to places I never thought I could go with audio.

Back Pocket Sound – Audio Post Production

Ben has worked on a wide variety of projects in TV, Film, Video Games and Advertising. We’ve posted about several notable jobs on the Back Pocket Sound work page. You can also see Ben’s IMDB page for his full list of TV and Film credits. Here are a few favourite projects from the last couple years:

Segara Gunung: Between The Mountain and The Sea Cinematic Trailer | Sound Design, Audio Mix

Your future, your plan | Co-Operators | VO Record, Sound Design, Audio Mix

Assassin’s Creed Origins | In-Game Dialogue Recording Baffin Extreme Cold | VO Record, Sound Design, Audio Mix

Sound Effects Libraries

Through years of sound designing I came to appreciate how important it is to have a good sound effects library. As sound designers we’re often cutting hundreds of sounds a day – so the size and organization of our sample libraries play a key factor in the quality and efficiency of our work. I believe one should take pride in their sound effects library – adding to it frequently by purchasing sound collections, recording their own sounds, and following independent SFX companies – as many of them give away sounds for free.

Adding to my collection of sounds is a favourite past-time. Back in school we had a recording project, tasked with taking out a field recorder and capturing 10 sounds to start our own sample libraries. I was immediately drawn to it and well… didn’t stop at 10 sounds. Field recording became an obsession. I started a blog in school called Next Sound, recording new sounds every day to share with friends and colleagues. Following good reception with that project, and some new gear acquisitions, I started Back Pocket Sound.

Why Field Recording?

There are a few major advantages to field recording – first of which is to gain the skills, knowledge and instincts that come from recording in less-than-ideal conditions. Having spent most of my career in a controlled studio environment – location sound consistently took me out of my comfort zone. It will challenge you in new ways – and ultimately result in making you a better and more equipped recording engineer, in and out of the studio.

Second is the immersiveness of the experience. When recording out in the natural world, sounds amplified in your headphones – you can hear details you’ve never heard before. It can help connect you to the world, and give you a new appreciation for simple things in life. I’ll often try to get friends and family to take my gear to record some samples, just so they can share that experience.

And third is the practicality. A good sound effects library is a sound designer’s greatest tool. Every sound you record out in the field is a sound you can use as a sample in your projects. The more you record your own sounds, the more useful your sound library will become. Furthermore you’re able to confidently offer your clients a completely original product. This isn’t the same Sound Ideas thunder sample that everyone uses – this is a thunder storm you recorded last night – a sample nobody else has but you. That’s value to a client. They love hearing those stories, and will remember you because of them.

For those reasons and more Back Pocket Sound is dedicated to providing high quality sound effects for your projects. We recommend you check out our Free Sounds page to take advantage of dozens of free sound packs. And if you’re looking for more sounds please consider purchasing one of the full sound libraries on our Products page. These collections have hundreds of sounds, and we’ve kept everything reasonably priced. The Ambience library and Foley library are great starter packs for anyone building out their own sound effects libraries. Every purchase helps greatly with our website upkeep, and future recording endeavors.

Let’s Connect

Thank you for reading and visiting our website. If you’d like to learn more about Back Pocket Sound, please drop us a note on our Contact page. You can also follow us on Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram for more free sounds and exclusive content. We have some big things on the horizon… so stay tuned!

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